BREAKING NEWS   (August 17, 2016)

A Member of Free Vietnam Youth has been released after serving 16 years from prison in Vietnam.


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CTV Danlambao - Human rights activist Son Nguyen Thanh Dien has been released from jail in Dong Nai, Vietnam on August 17, 2016 after serving 16 years in prison.


“Vietnamese Communist police deliberately pulled Diep over to prevent Diep from contacting his inmate who was being confined in a prisoner van. Son has been moved to an undisclosed location. In addition to Diep, Son Dien’s relatives also welcomed him home.” (Pham Thanh Nghien’s facebook)


Son Nguyen Thanh Dien was born on Aug 2, 1972 in Bac Lieu, Vietnam.


1993, Son and his family immigrated to the United States through HO program.


Son refused U.S. citizenship despite the fact that he had been residing in the US for 6 years, assuming it would preclude him from struggling for his country.


Son joined the Government of Free Vietnam, longing to overthrow the Communist regime in Vietnam.

Aug 13, 2000, Son left the US for Vietnam to disseminate anti-Communist leaflets and call on people to rise up and regain freedom and democracy. He was captured on Aug 17, 2000 and accused of violating the Article 84 “Terror against the people” of the Penal Code with a sentence of 16 years in jail.


Among the 38 inmates, Son and Huynh Anh Tu, Huynh Anh Tri, Van Ngoc Hieu, Nguyen Van Phuong, Tran Hoang Giang, Nguyen Van Diep are considered the most courageous and valiant. Son has always fought side by side with his fellow inmates for the rights of prisoners regardless of inevitable hardships during the time served.


May 7-21, 2004, Son was shackled for intentionally misinforming the fact of the historic Battle of Dien Bien Phu.


May 29, 2006 – Aug 13, 2009, he was isolated from his inmates.


June 2013, he was isolated permanently until release date for “speaking out” against the injustice in prison.


“I’m so glad that Son has been released although I know he’s pretty emaciated due to the long-standing solitary confinement. I’m longing to see him again,” said Nguyen Van Phuong – ex-political prisoner, Son Dien’s fellow inmate.


My deepest thanks to all freedom fighters and congratulations go out to you on your release! Your extraordinary acts of valor inspire us all. We wish you great well-being, unwavering fortitude and indomitable spirit to continue to fight for human rights, freedom and democracy in Vietnam.




Political prisoner Son Nguyen Thanh Dien completes his sentence.

Entrance to the jail where Son Nguyen Thanh Dien served his sentence


FREE VIETNAM YOUTH and SAN DIEGO CHAPTER bid farewell to SON NGUYEN THANH DIEN as he left for Vietnam, 1999.

Son Nguyen Thanh Dien is an American student, legal permanent resident of the United States and member of the Free Vietnam Youth. He joined a non-violent movement to promote Freedom and Democracy in 1999 and was unjustly sentenced to 16 years in jail.

Son Dien’s just completed his sentence but still is under Communist police’s constant surveillance. There’s no chance for him to reunite with his family in San Diego.

Mr. Nguyen Huu Chanh had sent letters to 435 Representatives, 100 Senators, President Obama, and Secretary of State John Kerry with a request for assistance that Son Dien must be brought back to the United States as soon as possible; but no

intervention has been conducted, though Senator Dianne Feinstein (Select Committee on Intelligence – Vice Chairman) replied that she has no jurisdiction in intervening in Son Dien’s matter (see the attached.)

The right of self-determination is the most basic right of all countries in the world in which human rights, civil rights and others are honored and protected. Son Dien’s freedom depends on U.S. Department of State and President Barrack Obama. US policies toward Vietnamese Communist authorities have a great impact on the struggle for Freedom and Human Rights in Vietnam.