Building A Political Solution for Vietnam Prior To 2020


GARDEN GROVE, California (NV) – A political conference was held by the Alliance of Vietnamese People at Ramada Hotel, Garden Grove, on the afternoon of Sunday, Sept 18 2016, with the participation of plenty of compatriots in Southern California including seniors and middle-aged, together looking for a political solution for Vietnam before 2020.

Ms. Le Thi Tham, on behalf of the organizing committee, introduced 4 speakers who were Mr. Vo Duc Van, Dr. Do Vinh (PhD), Dr. Tuyen Nguyen (M.D.), Mr. Sinh Cam Minh. All 4 speakers are around 50, according to organizers.

Mr. Vo Duc Van started the conference with the theme “political solution for Vietnam prior to 2020.”

“China has been plotting in collusion with Vietnamese Communist government to gradually invade Vietnamese territory with impunity”, said Mr. Vo.

Chinese industrial facilities have recently released tons of highly toxic wastes into our air, land and water, tremendously destroying marine habitat as well as all living things and causing severe illness, poisoning for future generations.


China also bought off Laos and Cambodia and turn them into their henchmen in order to besiege and storm Vietnam from the west.


Moreover, RELIGION – a protective wall of morality and social standard, has never been respected. Religious groups have been exploited to cover up the regime behind a smokescreen of dictatorship, leading to a decadent society, deteriorating education and crumbling morality. The majority of young people seem completely unconcerned about either their own dignity or family, let alone the country’s fate.


Mr. Sinh Cam Minh said he inherited the patriotism from his father who is a former ARVN soldier. Mr. Sinh wanted to be engaged in the struggle against the Red Evils in Vietnam. “There must be an interfaith network for an effective struggle”, said Mr. Sinh. He also advocated the use of non-violence but perseverance, tolerance based on patriotism.


Mr. Do Vinh mentioned the significant impact of the ongoing globalization which is re-shaping the whole world. The solution of nationalization can help people avoid conflict and bringing Vietnam to international community.

Last but absolutely not least, Dr. Tuyen Nguyen took his iPhone out of the pocket and stressed: "Each one of us always has a mighty weapon in our hand. Let's take full advantage of it.”

“Use your smartphone to spread the truth about the totalitarianism that Vietnamese Communist regime has indoctrinated and brainwashed Vietnamese people for many years”, said Dr. Tuyen Nguyen.


“Let’s eliminate the inferiority of a small country to China by the Communist government. Let’s ignite the national spirit of a country that once had a glorious history. Let’s build a strong new Constitution for the people, made by the people, and answerable to the people in order to uphold independence, sovereignty, political regime and national self-determination.

After the presentation of the 4 speakers, workshop was open to answer the questions from attendees.

Being invited to express opinions, blogger Dieu Cay Nguyen Van Hai very much appreciated the value of communications and media which will supersede erroneous people’s perception that he himself has gone through.


Before the end of the conference, the organizing committee said this was just the first workshop, the Alliance of Vietnamese People will also be holding many more meetings in other U.S. states as well as continents around the globe where Vietnamese compatriots are living. Then the Alliance will summarize the contributions of all participants, draft a political solution for Vietnam prior to 2020 and collectively make it come into operation.

Translation from NGUOI VIET Daily News / Nguyen Huy