Mr. Nguyen Huu Chanh, head of U.S. delegation met with Deputy Prime Minister Phan Van Khai in Hanoi, 1991.

Returning to Vietnam

The main focus of 1991, nevertheless, was a plan to reestablish the strategic link between the resistance inside and outside of Vietnam. Mr. Chanh Nguyen was chosen by an organization of American intellectuals to lead a delegation to Vietnam, along with his comrades Hoang An and Jimmy Ta. There, he held meetings with then Deputy Premier Phan Van Khai (currently premier of the Communist regime), as well as other high-ranking Communist officials throughout the country. Officially, the subjects of those meetings were to study the effects of "Agent Orange" in the aftermath of the Vietnam War, and investment plans of VINAMOTO Corporation, a disguising business enterprise.  However, the real objective of these trips was to secretly reestablish connections with various underground organizations formed by Mr. Nguyen Hoang Dan. He also used this opportunity to distribute two millions copies of the "Labor Handbook," informing millions of workers in Vietnam of their basic rights of labor, which set the foundation for the coming labor movements of Vietnamese workers from 1991 until now.

U.S. delegation was presenting the projects and activities in Vietnam, 1991.

In 1993, these secret plans were discovered by the Communist regime. Mr. Chanh Nguyen, his comrades, had to escape to Cambodia. There, he became the Commander-in-Chief of the new "Alliance of Resistance Forces in Indochina.” In order to train new leaders, and support the resistance operations, he opened the "Pacific Technical School" in Phnom Penh, capital of Cambodia. The school was also supported by then US ambassador to Cambodia, Mr. Charles Twinning, through his visits and donations of textbooks.