On April 30, 1995, the Government of Free Vietnam was established based on the desire of the National Vietnamese people to overthrow totalitarian Communism in Vietnam since 1975.


The Government of Free Vietnam continues to carry out its resolution for the national benefit of self-determination; which is intrinsic to the people who are willing to sacrifice their lives for the struggle of homeland liberation.


In Mr. Nguyen Huu Chanh’s presentation in 1997 to his party, stated that the policy of the Government of Free Vietnam is not to reconcile with the Communists, but to honor the National Flag as a sacred token of National Vietnamese at home and abroad, bound and determined to dissolve the Communist regime in Vietnam, and conduct a free election.

He has also called for the unity of all National Vietnamese and the support of all Political Organizations, Associations, Fronts, Movements, Intellectuals, all overseas compatriots and unified members of the Government of Free Vietnam.


Our government for the people of Vietnam continues to stand strong today due to our dedicated benefactors and politicians worldwide who have sworn an oath to protect our nation in grave peril from the injustice served by the totalitarian regime.


Those men and women who have dedicated their lives for many years and contributed their bipartisan political initiatives, to help better economic conditions in Vietnam must come together as a global community to rebuild our homeland and bring back our National Flag lawfully and gloriously.



Historical Events


Jan 24, 1997 The Government of Free Vietnam had an internal meeting with more than 200 delegates from around the world, most participants attending the meeting, included many distinguished and competent council members to discuss the policies, guidelines and plans set forth as well as the experience learned from the past two years.



Jan 25, 1997 was the day of discussion between the Government of Free Vietnam members and representatives of religions, unions, associations and intellectuals with 3 goals:



          1- Presenting policies and opinions of each individuals or organization in saving and rebuilding                     our country

          2- Reaching a consensus in different opinions and policies in order to:               


          a/ Accept and respect differences which are essential to complement each other


          b/ Support each other to heighten the power to topple the Communist regime in Vietnam.

          c/ Unite closely in planning and taking action to dissolve the Communist regime and rebuild a                     democratic and prosperous Vietnam.

          d/ If you consider the position of the GOVERNMENT OF FREE VIETNAM is indispensable in the                     struggle you can participate in activities and hold important positions of the GOVERNMENT

              OF FREE VIETNAM.



The Declaration of Government and its Cabinet



First: Honoring the Political Institution of the Republic of Vietnam with the sacred National Flag (3 red stripes in yellow background) and the National Anthem “A Call to Citizens.”


Second: Assisting the Government of Free Vietnam with the main forces at homeland, supportive overseas forces to attain the goal of topple Communism temporarily while waiting for democratic elections nationwide under international supervision.


Third: The struggle of the people of Vietnam is to bring freedom, democracy and true well-being to all Vietnamese.


          This Declaration was subsequently signed by the participants and proclaimed before countrymen on January 26, 1997 by Mr. Tran Van On – chairman of the Government of Free Vietnam community in New York, who attended the Conference on January 25, 1997.


January 26, 1997, “Just Cause” Conference ended and in the same day, the Government of Free Vietnam was officially introduced.

The opening ceremony was hosted by Col. Le Khac Ly, Chairman of Foreign Affairs Committee of the Government of Free Vietnam, Deputy Chief of Organizers of Just Cause Conference held at Albert Salgado, Community Center, 706 Newhope St, Santa Ana, CA with the participation of representatives of Religions, Political Parties, Associations, Fronts, Movements, and approximately 3,000 compatriots including foreign visitors, and not including members of The Government Of Free Vietnam. The ceremony started at 1:30 PM which was later than scheduled time but end at 5:40 PM as scheduled.


After the opening ceremony, there were some speeches of the foreign guests such as 2 Congressmen Curt Pringle California and Jim Morrissey, Frank Fry - Mayor of Westminster, Mr. André Paul - Leader of Free Khmer, Dr. Massimo Grannata – Chairman of Diplomatic Relations "Our people's movement" from Italy, Dr. Arthur Suchesk - President of the Council of International Support for The Government of Free Vietnam , Dr. Gaetan Gauthier - Economic and Financial Advisor from France, and Mr. Lamont Vaston - Vice President of the Vietnam Veteran Association. All lauded the achievements of the Government of Free Vietnam and were ready to support the struggle for freedom, democracy, prosperity and human rights in Vietnam.


On the other hand, the speakers also called for the support of other countries and organizations. In particular, Dr. Arthur Suchesk - President of the Council of International Support for the Government of Free Vietnam said that there were many countries ready to support the Government of Free Vietnam such as France, Britain, Egypt, South Africa, etc...



Featured Presentation


The main part of the program was Mr. Nguyen Huu Chanh’s presentation, Secretary General of the Central Coordinating Council and the introduction of overseas members of the Government of Free Vietnam, including the Advisory Board, led by Professor Ngo Trong Anh as Chairman, other members as Pro. Nguyen Huy Dau - Vice President, Hoang Van Minh, Prof. Cao The Dung, Attorney Nguyen Khac Chinh, Dr. Phan Van Thinh - former Ambassador and Thach Sung - former Congressman.

Mr. Nguyen Huu Chanh - Secretary General of Central Coordinating Council and 10 other members of the Committees of Foreign Affairs, Information, Research, Strategy, Economy, Finance, Organization, Religions, Press; Missions and Delegations from Europe, Australia, Canada, the United States, States of Arizona, California, New York, Connecticut, Michigan, Tennessee, Washington D.C., Washington State, Massachusetts, New Jersey and Texas; General Overseas Service by Dr. Nguyen Huu Hoat; Chief of Council of Central Military Committee by Lieutenant Gen. Linh Quang Vien; Deputy Chiefs includes : Lieutenant Gen. Nguyen Van Toan, Adm. Lam Nguon Tanh, Major Gen. Nguyen Duy Hinh, Adm. Ho Van Ky Thoai and Staff Board composed of a great number of high-ranking officers of RVN Armed Forces.

Due to the beginning phases of the system, the Government created a unique department which is the Department of State, led by Kim Khanh Le as Secretary General to meet the needs of international movements in the early stages.

A number of supportive letters of Venerable Thich Tam Chau from Canada, Venerable Thich Giac Luong - Director of The International Bhiksu Sangha Buddhist Association, Monsignore Andrea Bennati from Italy, 60 members of the National Vietnamese from New Jersey and New York, Mr. Tran Xuan Thoi – President of Vietnamese Community in the United States and many other U.S. Governors, Senators and Representatives.

The Chairman of the Vietnamese Community in New York – Van Dang Tran proclaimed the Declaration of representatives of Religions, Unions, Parties, Organizations and Intellectuals, etc. which has been attained from the Conference on Jan 25, 1997.

The ceremony ended in elation at 5:40 PM as scheduled after Prof. Ha The Ruyet – member of Committee of Strategic Research, Deputy Chief of Organizers - expressed his thanks to all attendees for their attention.


California, Jan 26, 1997


Press Committee



Garden Grove, CA 2016.  In April 30, 1995, the Government of Free Vietnam was established based on the desire of the National Vietnamese people to overthrow totalitarian Communism in Vietnam since 1975.

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