Vietnamese National Party


To gain momentum and structural organization in an effort to promote democracy and human rights in Vietnam, the Vietnamese National Party was established on February 14, 2003.  Formed within Vietnam, the party was created from 14 existing human rights organizations and political parties.  In a private conference, members from the Vietnamese Self-Determination Front (VSF), elected Nguyen Huu Chanh as General Secretary of the party.


Later that year on August 17, 2003, the Vietnamese National Party held a public ceremony at the Anaheim Convention Center to present itself to 3,000 attendees at hand including millions around the world following the event by internet, television, and radio broadcasting. 


The Vietnamese National Party has two major key branches within its incorporated structure.  The first branch includes thousands of human rights and democratic activists from over 100 chapters abroad the United States.  The second branch is the U.S branch which has over hundreds of thousands of supporters, activists, and volunteers, many of which were members of the Vietnamese Communist Party.  After discovering the inhumane ideology and continuous corruption of the Communist Party, many members left to engage in promoting the rights of liberty, democracy, and freedom in Vietnam. 


Modeling after successful democratic systems such as Thailand, the Republic of Korea, and the Philippines, the Vietnamese National Party fully understands that power of the people can make a difference in enriching their country, their lives, and their family if given the opportunity to make a statement without fear of persecution.  The Vietnamese National Party is at its first initial stage in its peaceful democratization road map for Vietnam. By amplifying the voice of the Vietnamese people, the Vietnamese National Party is relaying demands for a free-election in Vietnam.    


VNP values and considers contribution efforts of democratizing Vietnam from former members of the Vietnamese Communist Party.  With one goal, one mission, and one dream, they hope to end the injustice of a communist party that has corrupted the political system and destroyed millions of its own citizen’s lives.  VNP hopes of rebuilding a nation that would protect, respect, and care for its own patriotic citizens.