July 2015

WCH awarded the G.O.D AWARDS to recognize outstanding individuals of Religious Organizations and Charities for their outstanding contribution to the peace and welfare of the human race through their expertise and talents.

The G.O.D Awards Gala at the UN

A close ally of 4 international organizations resulted in World Alliance of Religions Peace Summit (WARP) in September 2014, South Korea. 53 Heads of State, 16 religious delegations of all faiths from around the world, incumbent presidents, UN representatives, and more than 100 thousand people of 130 countries participated in order to promote world peace as an eternal legacy to the future generations.

WCH - World Peace


The Representative Office of the Vietnamese Communist Party at the United Nations resorted to South Korea case to accuse Mr. Nguyen Huu Chanh as a terrorist, demanding Secretary General of the United Nations – Mr. Ban Ki Moon to cancel or boycott the G.O.D AWARD (WCH) because of Nguyen Huu Chanh’s presence as a Vice President of Foreign Affairs.

Socialist Republic of Vietnam